What are we about? Well there are so many of us, that would have to be answered by a word like, "eclectic". You see we aren't just a family, we are what we call a "village". This goes far beyond the connections of just blood, although there is that too.

You see it all begins with growing up moving around. When you don't live in a "home town" with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, you tend to pick up that 'family' along the way. So, that being said, when we moved home to our family we combined them with all the wonderful people in our lives to build our village.

There is always someone there for everyone. If there is a need, there is someone to fulfill that need. Always a shoulder to lean on, someone to share a joy, and a sorrow. Never a dull moment, and always a great party!

The best part, so much to share - all that history - all those stories - all that love!