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We love to take pictures. When we want to share them we put a link to the gallery here. The galleries on the right are password protected. But on the left are open to view, so click away and enjoy all the pictures!

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Closed Galleries
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Glen Helen, Yellow Springs Arizona 2016 Arrow Shower
April 2015 Bob Evans Farm & Iceland 2015 Day One Jeffrey Cousins
Adamsville Log Cabin Village Iceland 2015 Day Two Brighton - full
Hills and Dales - Fall 2014 Iceland 2015 Day Three Hill Cousins
Heritage Days 2014, Wartinger Park Iceland 2015 Last Day Arrow Cousins
Kinship Family Fair 2014 England 2015 - Oxford Camdon, London - full
Pow Wow at SunWatch England 2015 - Brighton London - full
Civil War Reenactment - Columbus England 2015 - Runnymede/Surrey Hever Cousin & Ruby
SunWatch Indian Village England 2015 - Berkshire/Surrey Iceland 2015 - mini gallery
Clifton Mill June 2014 England 2015 - Camdon, London - slideshow Iceland 2015 Day One - full
Montgomery Co. Ohio 2014
Bark Park Bake Sale Fundraiser
England 2015 - London Iceland 2015 Day Two - full
England 2015 - Hever Iceland 2015 Day Three - full
  March 2015 New Orleans Iceland 2015 Last Day - full
  Arizona Fall 2014 Sheena & Tim's Wedding
  Wheaton Arts
  Philly May 2014