Springtime has returned, at least temporarily

The last few weeks the temperatures have been coming back to where working in the garage is possible in comfortable clothes, ie – not wearing a parka and thick gloves.  That means I have been able to get out there and clean up the projects and “stuff” that has stacked up over the winter.  My garage seems to be a convenient dumping ground, even for the kids that no longer live at home.

I did some rearranging again this last weekend, trying to get the most in usable space and making a space for the engine stand.  It still amazes me, both that I can get as much into the garage, and as big as it is still not have enough room for everything I need to do… LOL

I did spray the block down a few times with oil to keep anything from rusting over the winter.  I sprayed the transmission mounting bolts as well as the stabilizing rod attach points with penetrating oil and the engine hoist is over the block with the spreader mounted still.  So as soon as we get another day or three of nice weather that I am off work and don’t have honey do’s, I hope to try to at least start getting the block out of the truck.